What are some basic rules of camp?

Camp can be a wonderful, joyous time filled with great memories. However, we do have some basic rules that must be followed:

1. Please respect all leaders at all times.
2. Please respect other students at all times.
3. Please be on time to all scheduled events. (Being early is even better; we don't want you to miss anything.)
4. Your name tag and lanyard must be worn at all times.
5. Observe dress code at all times. (detailed information below)
6. There is absolutely no allowance or use of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, prescription medicine that is not your own and guns or other weapons allowed at camp (detailed information below).

What can I bring to camp and what should I leave at home?

Things that should come to camp:
-Water Bottle

What about cell phones?
Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

Of course you can have your cell phone! We encourage students to bring their phones and use the camera to capture the great time they will have and share it on social media and with their parents. However, we ask that students not use their phones during services or small groups, unless for taking notes or to use a Bible app. Phones will also be taken before lights out, stored and charged with the hall leader, and be given back in the morning.

What can I wear? Like, what is the dress code?

Modesty is definitely...well, it's just the best idea. In most cases, we suggest following your school's dress code (it is typically in line with our dress code). If you would like specifics, our dress code is as follows:

Guys: Sleeveless shirts are allowed; however, they must be three-finger width over the shoulder. While you may be proud of your SpongeBob SquarePants boxers, we do not need to see them, a description is fine. Please make sure you have the appropriate accessories to hold your pants up, whether that is a belt, suspenders, rope, or cable ties. Bottom line is we don’t want to see your bottom, OK?

Girls: Please follow the same rules as above in regard to sleeves and their width. In addition, shorts must have no part shorter than fingertip length. This includes gym/workout shorts with rises over the thighs. We understand that this may be difficult; however, we strongly value each young woman that joins us at camp, and we want to protect them as best we can. We also ask girls to make sure that no undergarments are visible at any time. God made each person beautifully, and the most beautiful things in life are often the hardest to find.

If you have a question about if something is appropriate, it is best to assume it isn’t and leave it at home.

Do I have to be a member of First Baptist Church of Norfolk to go to camp?

Absolutely not! Any student that has completed 6th grade is welcome to join us!

What does a typical day at camp look like?

While we don't have the exact schedule for this year yet, you can look at the schedule from last year to get an idea of what a typical day at camp is like.

3:00 Orientation
3:30 Rec Team Time
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Worship
9:00 Late night
10:30 Guy/Girl Time
11:30 Lights Out

Tuesday - Thursday
7:45 Breakfast
9:00 Quiet Time
9:30 Morning Celebration
11:00 Small Groups (striped) Rec (solid)
12:00 CHANGE for afternoon
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Lip Sync
2:30 Small Groups (Solid) REC (striped)
3:30 Free Time
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Worship
9:00 Late Night
10:30 Guy/Girl Time
11:30 Lights Out

7:45 Breakfast
9:00 Quiet Time
10:00 Group Picture
10:30 Load Buses
12:00 Lunch
3:30 Arrive at Church
3:45 Baptism Celebration